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Monkeyland primemate sanctuary has an amazing motto: NO touching and NO feeding of the monkeys.

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Monkeyland primemate sanctuary

A few of our new staff members went for a visit to Monkeyland. The weather wasn’t very great, but they had a great time anyway. They saw almost all species, 9 off the 11!
At Monkeyland prime mate sanctuary they take you in the indigenous forest along all the feeding stations to meet all the monkeys who live in Monkey land. Gibbons, Spider-, Squirrel- and Capuchin monkeys and spectacled langurs are a just few of them. Wow, it is amazing to see these monkeys swinging in the trees and joining you on the suspension bridge which is in the middle of the forest.

Monkeyland has an amazing motto: NO touching and NO feeding of the monkeys. They give them the best “free” life they can. These monkeys will never be really free again. All these monkeys come from captivity, peoples houses, laboratories and zoos. There are also some monkeys who come all the way from The Netherlands via Stichting AAP. We can learn a lot by visiting these amazing sanctuaries.

Thank you very much for your hospitality Lara & Tony from Monkey land.

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