Garden at Albergo

Succulent Garden at Albergo

Succulent Garden at Albergo 1


The Garden at Albergo

I think our succulent garden at Albergo deserves a blog. We have such an amazing garden (even if I say it myself).

We worked hard to make our succulent garden look like it does now. When we came to South Africa we still had our “Dutch” way of thinking about gardening (e were not so skilled actually). Daisies and hyacinths were on our menu! Succulents were the plants we have in our houses. How would we ever be able to know that we can plant them in the garden? We started of with some Aloes and after that….spekboom?and all kinds of other sorts of succulents. The?Spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities. Just love the Spekboom, small, medium and large and now we even have some?dotted ones.

It is so rewarding to see these succulents grow. A little bit of soil, a bit of water and a lot of TLC and you will have an amazing succulent garden. Every day we work in the garden, replanting, cutting and creating. There are still a lot of things to do, it will probably never be finished.

There are also 3 water features. 1 Buddha statue in front of the reception at Albergo, 1 with sink pots as a waterfall and 1 round pond some fish.

Just love our garden..hope you love it too!

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