Skydive Plettenberg Bay

Live life to the full when you do a skydive with Skydive Plettenberg Bay!

Experience free-fall over one of the most scenic drop zones in the world. Start your amazing experience with a short briefing. Then enjoy a 20 minute plane flight to 10,000 feet, over the Knysna forests and Plettenberg Bay coastline. Now the leisurely, scenic plane flight stops and the adrenaline starts to pump as you exit the plane with your Tandem Master and experience the rush of a 35 second free fall at 200 KPH! Once the canopy opens, your instructor will glide you down for a safe landing. You can choose to land on the Airport or on Central Beach (beach landing must be booked up front).

Skydive Plettenberg bay
Adrenalin and Adventure Skydive

BRIEFING: After signup you will meet your Tandem Instructor. There will be a short briefing, after which you will be kitted up. Your harness is fully adjustable and has four attachment points. That’s it, you’re ready to go! Sit back, relax and take in the view on a 20 minute flight to altitude, during which you can enjoy spectacular views of the Plettenberg Bay coastline and Robberg peninsula.In season whales and dolphins can often be seen!

Skydive Plettenberg bay
Skydive Plettenberg bay

Skydive Plettenberg Bay

THE JUMP: Before reaching altitude your Tandem Instructor will connect you to his harness using the four attachment points. Exit the plane together and feel the unique rush of freefall at 200kph for 35 seconds, before the parachute opens.

THE FLIGHT: View the beautiful surroundings suspended under the parachute while your instructor steers you safely back to earth, or steer yourself if you want to have a go (landing on the airport or the beach!)!

Accommodation Bookings

Book your accommodation at Albergo for Backpackers. You can choose from a variety of the following accommodation: camping, dorms and private rooms for 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 persons. We can book a skydive at Skydive Plettenberg Bay for you. Skydive Plettenberg Bay offers a free pick-up and drop off from Albergo for Backpackers for those who have no transport. Please fill out a contact form if you need more information or when you would like to book the skydive or your accommodation.

Prices for the skydive are as following:

Airport Landing
10 000 feet = R 2200.00 per person
12 000 feet = R 2800.00 per person

Beach Landing
10 000 feet = R 2850.00 per person
12 000 feet = R 3450.00 per person

Extra Handy cam HD DVD and Stills = R 450.00 per person

(Prices are subject to change at any time)

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast.