Student Rage Artist and Musician Lineup

As we all know the Plett Rage 2016 Student Festival will be held from 2 December to 9 December and will host some of the best artists South Africa has to offer, which would include the likes of PHFAT, SHORTSTRAW, DJ?Dillyn Will and many more renown artists that have the capability of not only rocking the town tell dawn but also your mind, body and soul!

Plett Rage 2016 Artist Line Up

Below, in no specific order we have included the Plett Rage 2016 Artist Lineup (we will continue adding dates and artists when they are available)

SHORTSTRAW – Plett Rage Band

SHORTSTRAW Plett Rage Band

ShortStraw is an indie rock band from Johannesburg and is said to be one of South Africa’s largest rock bands with international tours to Europe, Japan and Australia. They are well known for the album YOUTHLESS which took the market by storm in 2015.

You can navigate to ShortStraw’s website for more information, or you can catch them on Twitter @shortstrawband

PHFAT – Plett Rage Musician

PHFAT Plett Rage Musician

PHFAT from Cape Town is known for the single ‘Lights Out’ and latest hit ‘The Whip’ will be one of the top performers at this years Plett Rage Festival. PHFAT received two MK Awards in 2014 and has on many occasions performed with international singers.

You can navigate to PHFAT’s website for a taste and free download, or you can catch him on Twitter @phfat



Dillyn Will is a South African based DJ from Cape Town that originated from Gauteng and has played in nightclubs and festivals country wide alongside international artists.

Dillyn Will is said to be one of the best DJ’s South Africa has to offer. You be the judge!

You can catch Dillyn Will on Twitter @DillynWill

VASILI – Plett Rage Artist

VASILI Plett Rage Artist

Vasili is a well known musician from Cape Town that rocks night clubs and festivals with high base, heavy energy music. So be prepared for BIG noise!

NEW HERO – Plett Rage Artist

NEW HERO Plett Rage Artist

NEW HERO, Keaton Carelse and Scottie Moore have no restriction when it comes to music, they are non genre specific armed only with the common goal of creating music that takes you on a journey of feeling good.

The Duo originated from Cape Towns underground music scene and combined their vastly different styles to create something far removed from anything they have produced before.

‘I WONT STOP’ is one of the singles from the non-genre specific duo that gained world recognition.

You can navigate to NEW HERO’s website for more information and a free ‘taste’ of music.


Chunda Munki Plett Rage DJ

Chunda Munki is a renown DJ from Johannesburg Gauteng that plays sick, dirty, tripped out, energetic, jacked up and twisted house music!

You can catch Chunda Munki on Twitter @Chunda_Munki

CHRIS TAYLOR – Plett Rage DJ 2016

Chris Taylor Plett Rage DJ

Chris Taylor, a former Zimbabwean DJ which has performed throughout Africa and Asia and is renown for electro music. He has performed alongside world class DJ’s.

You can catch Chris Taylor on Twitter @Chris_Taylor_DJ

CARA-MI, MINX – Plett Rage Female DJ

Cara-Mi, Minx Plett Rage DJ

Cara-Mi, known by her artist alias as Minx will be DJ’ing at this years Plett Rage Student Festival. Minx has been DJ’ing mainstream styles such as EDM, Deep and Tech House since 2011 and has rocked Cape Town’s nightclubs which includes Shimmy Beach Club, Jade Lounge and Coco as well as festivals throughout South Africa.

You can navigate to Minx’s music website for a taste of her music, or you can catch her on Facebook Minx @minxdj on Facebook

SKETCHY BONGO – Plett Rage Musician

Sketchy Bongo Plett Rage Musician

Sketchy Bongo is a musician and producer from Durban who has already made a name for himself in the SA music industry, and has worked with top music artists such as AKA, JR, Da LES and Aewon Wolf.

You can catch Sketchy Bongo on Twitter @SketchyBongo on Twitter

JAK SKANDI – Plett Rage DJ

Jak Skandi Plett Rage DJ

Jak Skandi started DJ’ing at the age of 13 and plays a diverse range of genres including house, progressive, electro, commercial house, dutch, DnB, Dubstep,Trap and Trance.

Skandi’s has a unique way of transforming energy through his songs and has performed at some of Cape Town?s most prominent night clubs.

You can catch Jak Skandi on Facebook Jak Skandi @JakSkandi Facebook

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Taxi Routes

The Plett Rage Freedom Pass and Village Pass includes FREE Hop-On, Hop-Off transportation along all official bus and taxi routes while on your prerogative quest of expressing ?Freedom?.

Plett Rage Freedom Pass Tickets

Plett Rage Freedom Pass Tickets can be purchased directly through the Plett Rage office via email. Visit our Freedom Pass page for more information

Accommodation For Matric Plett Rage Girls

Albergo Backpackers which is based just off main street in Plettenberg Bay offers affordable, safe and secure dorm style accommodation to Plett Rage Girls. You can navigate to our accommodation page for prices and more details.

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