Albergo for Backpackers Revamp 3

Albergo for Backpackers Revamp

Mirjam and Leslie, the owners of Albergo for Backpackers in Plettenberg Bay, have been working hard to give Albergo for Backpackers a revamp!

Albergo for Backpackers Revamp
Albergo for Backpackers Revamp
Albergo for Backpackers Revamp

The Albergo for backpackers revamp in progress in Plettenberg Bay

Albergo for Backpackers Revamp

We started with the move of the 2 Wendy homes to the side of the property. A big job, I must say. Very heavy work, but the result is amazing. They stand on a new concrete slab, which is better than the previous spots.

Upgrading the parking lot from Albergo for Backpackers

Albergo for Backpackers Revamp

After that it was time to clear the front garden, removing the trees and plants. We leveled the garden as much as possible. For this we needed a lot of sand and stones. After a few days of compacting that work was done! The basis of the parking lot was done! We were very happy with the first changes.

A new fence for Albergo for Backpackers

Due to the fact that we have sold 1 property we needed to make a new fence in between the 2 properties. We decided on a pole fence with gum sticks in squares. We will have climbers-plants overgrow this fence….very natural. Between the houses we planted a double fence, in here we will put the washing lines. Hidden away between the soon to be green fences.

A New Entrance at Albergo’s parking lot

Now it was time to open the front fence to make a bigger and better entrance to our parking lot. A new concrete ramp to drive in and finally a new sliding gate. The old sliding fence was made from old metal beds. After 14 years it was tired and too rusted to be used any longer. The new sliding gates are made from galvanized steel and gum sticks.

In between the existing poles we have made new gum stick fences so all looks the same. On the border of the new camp ground, where we can accommodate about 3 small 2-3 man tents, we made also a stick fence

Finishing touch for Albergo for Backpackers revamp

To finish off we have painted our metal masks and gecko blue (same color as our website) to give a “wow” new look effect!

We at Albergo for Backpackers are very happy with the New Look! We hope you like it too, enjoy!

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