Swim With Seals

Swim with the seals and get up close with these beautiful South African fur seals.

Adrenalin Adventure Swim With The Seals
Cape Fur Seal Swimming

Swim with the Seals

This is a once of life time opportunity for ocean lovers to swim with the South African fur seals. An excellent way to see some amazing seals, big and small, up close! All equipment is included. You will snorkel in between some 1000 seals in the Indian Ocean.

  • All equipment supplied!?(mask, snorkel, fins and wet suits)
  • Suitable for ages from 6 yrs and older.
  • Trip duration is approx. 1h30min
Swim with Seals
Swimming with Seals

The Cape Fur Seal

The Cape Fur Seal, which is a?brown fur seal or the South African is the largest and most robust fur seal of all. It has a large and broad head with a pointed snout that may be flat or upturned slightly. They have external ear flaps and their whiskers are very long, especially in adult males. Cape Fur Seal fore flippers are covered with sparse hair over about three-quarters of their length. The hind flippers are short relative to the large body, with short, fleshy tips on the digits.

The Southern African subspecies is on average slightly larger than the Australian subspecies. Males of the African subspecies are 2.3 meters in length on average and weigh from 200?300 kilograms. Females are smaller, averaging 1.8 meters in length and weighing an average of 120 kilograms.

Swim with Seals
Swim with Seals

How to book your Swim with Seals trip?

At the Albergo Activity Center we can book your trip for you. Our helpful staff will explain all details about the trip and they can also book it for you. For more information about the trip you can send us an e-mail or you can fill out the contact form.

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